Participant Management

Participant Management


Our Web-based event software program lets you register via an encrypted SSL connection, by fax or by mail. The participants receive their confirmations afterwards with all relevant information for the event/booking.


The supporting event software gives you and us a constant overview and provides you with comprehensive reports and evaluations for planning upcoming projects.


Further you´ll have access to a comprehensive overview, comprehensive reports and evaluations during your current event at any time.


The software is designed for:


- Collection, processing, management and quantitative evaluation of participant data relevant for the event
- Communication with participants
- Planning, coordination and verifying resources and activities that directly affect the participant


Contact us if we can help you with your event. The earlier we get involved, the more successfully we will be able to realize these services together with you.


A working, constantly accessible allotment management system allows us to utilize existing resources optimally, reduce cancellation and no-show charges, and therefore generate real value for you.



    Invoice Management

    - Monitoring of payment deadlines
    - Execution of payment runs (deposit/closing statements, collection services for direct payers, if necessary)
    - Invoice controlling
    - Negotiations for reducing cancellation fees


    Please contact us for further information or use our >> form of request <<



    Allotment Management

    - Management and verifying option and cancellation deadlines for the booked service providers or agenda items
    - Increasing and reducing allotments according to set deadlines
    - Distribution of participants to the permissible service providers or agenda items
    - Coordination of participants towards individual allotments to achieve optimal utilization of capacities